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Take Time To Look Around

Take Time To Look Around

Taking the time to learn a body of water pays dividends when thepressure is on – like when fishing a tournament, or filming a TV show.

When fishing a new body of water for the first time I always spend the first half or whole day without even wetting a line.

When you face a new water body and don’t know where to start, use your boat and your electronics to get the lay of the land and find out just how much area you can actually cover in a day or two from your launching area. You want the best bang for your buck in terms of spending more time fishing good spots, rather than driving around from spot to spot. No one catches fish when the rods are stowed.

Once you have your range picked out, dissect it with your fish finder. Look for spots that suit your style of fishing. IF I’ll be trolling slowly, then I want to find spots with defined breaks or edges, points and rock piles. Once you have identified a half-dozen or so likely spots, you’re ready to start fishing. As you work them over, you’ll already know where you’re going next, because you’ve done your homework. All you have to do now is pay attention to what spots actually produce, so you can establish a pattern that you can repeat in the future.