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Selecting Crankbaits

Selecting Crankbaits

Crankbaits are incredibly effective lures that catch a wide variety of fish. But they come in hundreds of different styles, so how do you pick which one to use?

Start with the diving bill – all else being equal, a lure with a big bill will dive deeper than an identical lure with a shorter one. Similarly, lures with bills that extend straight out from the nose generally as quickly as lures with bills which tilt slightly downwards from the body.

Rounded bills tend to roll and wobble when they’re retrieved, while those with squared-off bills often have more of a side-to-side wiggle.

Some manufacturers make what are called series crankbaits, which are families of lures that are identical, save for the bill. These make it easy to learn how the impact that bill size and shape has on a lure.