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Listen To The Fish

Listen To The Fish

Take your cues from the fish – if they’re not responding to whatyou’re doing, try something else. 

It’s always important to listen to the fish, and let them tell you what they want on a given day.

Don’t blindly stick to one pattern if it isn’t working. Switch things up and try different colors, speeds, sizes or lures. If you begin fishing with fast-moving lures and you’re not drawing any strikes, slow down, go to something more subtle, and perhaps try more subdued colors.

If you begin with a dark jig and aren’t getting any interest, it might be one of those days where fish want faster-moving crankbaits. If you’re not having much luck in the shallows, try fishing a bit deeper.

Don’t be afraid to try something different. But do be systematic in your experimentation. Swapping one fast-moving lure for another doesn’t make sense. But switching that fast-moving bait for something slower and more subtle could represent enough to a change to put the fish in a biting mood.