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Jigs & Bait For Finicky Fish

Jigs & Bait For Finicky Fish

When walleye, smallmouth bass and other fish become spooky, one of the best ways to catch them is also one of the simplest.  That’s when live bait on a plain jig hook often beats everything else.

The trick with this approach is to keep things as minimal as you can. Use the smallest, lightest jig head that you can cast. Hook a nice juicy worm on once through the head. You want your bait to look natural, so just hook the worm once through the head. Don’t thread it on the hook multiple times, so it rolls up onto a ball. You want it to flow enticingly behind the jig.

Now gently fire it out and let it sink slowly on a slack line.

Once the jig hits bottom, the worm does most of the work. Slowly crawl it along, almost as if you’re trying to sneak it past without being seen. Once a fish spots it, you’ll usually be in business soon enough.