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How To Unsnag a Lure

How To Unsnag a Lure

Getting snagged on the bottom is part of fishing. However, snagged lures aren’t necessarily gone for good.

Lures snagged in rocks can usually be saved by pulling them from the opposite direction – easy to do if you’re in a boat, but much more difficult from shore. Try cranking up the slack and lifting on your rod so you have a good bend in it. Pull the line with your left hand then release it sharply, as if you were plucking a huge guitar string. Sometimes that will send a shock wave down the line, and pop the lure free.

Lures stuck in wood, or those really jammed into rock, will require a commercial lure retriever. If you don’t have one of these, by the way, go buy one – it will pay for itself many times over.

A lure retriever is little more than a metal device with some metal arms or chains on it, tied to the end of a stout cord. Simply hook the retriever around your fishing line and slide it down to the stuck lure. Jiggle it around so it fouls the hooks, then haul it in, with your lure in tow.