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How To Tie A Blood Knot

How To Tie A Blood Knot

It’s only a matter of time till it happens  – you make a really long cast and you get a tangle near the reel, which breaks as you try to unravel it. Now what do you do? You could pull in the broken-off line hand-over-hand, re-thread your rod and start all over. Or, you can get back into business in a few seconds by tying a blood knot.

Imagine two clinch knots back-to-back and you get the idea. The Blood Knot will retain about 90 to 95 percent of your line’s original strength. In a pinch, it can save you a lot of re-rigging.

Tying it is easy – overlap the two ends so they’re pointed in opposite directions, then wrap one of the tag ends around the other one five times. Wrap the other tag end around the other length of line five times in the opposite direction, and pass both tag ends through the hole made where the two wraps meet. Pull it snug, trim off the excess, and you’re all set.

Blood knots are also great for attaching leaders of lower-strength monofilament or fluorocarbon to your main line. When you need to connect two lengths of line, it’s the only way to go.