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How to Fish a Topwater

How to Fish a Topwater

Few things in fishing are as thrilling as the explosion you see when a bass or pike hits a lure on the surface. Topwater baits are easy to use, and often catch really big fish.

Topwaters are best when you know fish are in a specific area. Cast them around big boulders, over stump fields, over significant drop-offs or along the edge of weed beds. The best approach is to cast beyond the spot where you think the fish is and work the lure back towards it at a slow stop-and-go. You can work propeller lures like a Tiny Torpedo fairly quickly, pausing for four to five seconds before pulling it forward a foot or so. Poppers like the Pop-R work a little more slowly, moving forward only inches at a time with breaks of maybe 20 seconds in between.

The toughest part about topwater fishing is not setting the hook too soon. The natural reaction when you se the fish hit is to try and cross his eyes. Problem is, you’ll miss 90 percent of your fish if you strike so fast. Wait till you actually feel the fish on your line – it might feel like you’re waiting forever, but be patient – and you’ll get every one of them.


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