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Early Spring Stripers

Early Spring Stripers

In early spring striped bass will seek out warmer water in creeks and shallow areas.

Finding striped bass in early spring is a matter of finding the right water temperature. Shallow water areas in the back of the largest creeks on the lake are always significantly warmer than the main body of the lake, and that’s where you want to focus your efforts.

The fish are not in a feeding frenzy like they will be in early summer, but the reward for pulling bait with no weight on long lines on planer boards can be the biggest fish you’ll ever catch. I size the hook to the bait. My favorite hook is the Eagle Claw LO42, in every size up to 4/0. I like the simple fact they’re of wire construction, and will quickly deteriorate if you need to leave it in a deeply-hooked fish. I use 30 lb. Berkley Big Game Line, with a 30 lb. fluorocarbon leader,connected by a small 100 lb. swivel.

I like to pull different size baits behind Striper Addiction Planer Boards. Not all fish are in the same metabolic condition and I believe the opportunistic manner in which they feed requires all sizes of bait, from a 3” shiner to a 14” Skip Jack.