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Consistency Pays Dividends

Consistency Pays Dividends

Spooling all your rods with identical line makes it easy to put all your baits into the strike zone when you find fish holding at a specific depth.

Whether you prefer mono or braid, always make sure that you are using the same line on all of your reels when trolling.Many times I go out with other people and see that one of their reels might be spooled with 10-pound mono, but the next rod I pick up has 20-pound mono on it,or braid, or something completely different again. The problem with this is that different types of line have different thicknesses, and they pass through the water with varying levels of resistance. This directly impacts the depth at which a given lure will troll.

For example, your favorite crankbait might run 20 feet deep when you fish it on10-pound mono. But on 20-pound mono, that identical lure might only run at 15 feet due to the extra resistance of the thicker line. If you are trolling with multiple rods and start catching fish at a specific depth, then you won’t be able to replicate it on your other rods because the different lines will make it impossible to achieve the same result.

By using the same type and strength of line on all the reels you are using, you eliminate one of the variations in knowing what depth your lure is running.  This will help in being able duplicate the set-up of another rod that is catching fish.