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Check For Debris

Check For Debris

Checking lines for debris is essential; any time you’re trolling,whether you’re fishing close to weeds or not.

I always make a point of checking my bait frequently while trolling. It is amazing how many times the line can pick up a little bit of debris that spoils the lure’saction. If you don’t check, you could troll for hours with a fouled bait and not even know.

Checking lines for debris is obviously essential any time you’re fishing in weedy areas. I’m also careful to check my lines when fishing in the early spring or late fall, when there’s extra debris in the water from fallen leaves, or any time I’m fishing after a storm, when wave action can stir things up and leave extra foliage in the water.

It only takes a moment to check. Once you make it a habit, you’ll be amazed how many times you find you’ve hooked bits of debris without realizing it. And – by cleaning them off so your baits run properly, you’ll catch more fish.