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European Fishing Calendar Shows Carp and Topless Girls

Europe is known for many things, among them topless beaches and a large recreational fishery for common carp. So why not combine the two into a calendar?

Hendrik Pöhler came up with the concept to combine his two loves when he spotted two pretty girls fishing. The result is the annual Carponizer Carp Calendar, featuring 12 beautiful girls with carp and without tops. "The calendar is very popular because it's unique," says Pöhler. "The idea is very strange but also very good, people love the Carponizer Carp Calendar."

The 2018 calendar was shot by noted German photographer Raphael Faraggi, who worked with the women and fish over a period of six weeks. "It took a very long time to take the perfect pictures," explained Pöhler. "Everything must be perfect, the carp, the girls, the weather, the background and so on."

Carponizer is a large German carp fishing equipment retailer.

The 2018 Carponizer Carp Calendar sells for £16.95 (about $23 US) and can be found on Amazon.