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Alberta Man Catches Pike Nearly Cut In Half By Plastic Powerade Wrapper

A Canadian angler wants everyone to be more careful disposing of plastic waste after catching a small pike that was nearly cut in half by a plastic bottle wrapper.

Adam Turnbull, 28, was fishing in Strathcona Park near Medicine Hat, Alberta when he caught the pike. At first, he thought it had been attacked by a larger fish. But on closer examination, he found the fish had partially swam through a plastic Powerade drink wrapper, got it wedged around its mid-section, and continued to grow around it. The flesh around the plastic appeared raw and irritated, lacking scales found on the rest of its body. Turnbull removed the plastic ring with a small pair of scissors and carefully rreleased the fish to hopefully make a full recovery.

Turnbull said he had never seen anything like it before. He spoke to a biologist who said the wrapper appeared to be squeezing the fish behind the stomach, on the intestines. “Which would have allowed the fish to eat properly, with slower digestion,” Turnbull explained.

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